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Departs 6 Aug 2023
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About This Tour


Come on a pilgrimage with Jan and me as we journey to learn more about the Celtic Saints of the United Kingdom.

I have long had a deep interest in the origins of a truly indigenous church in the UK, the original ‘Anglican Church’ if you will. From St Columba leaving Ireland and founding the monastic community on Iona, one of those ‘thin places’ where it is easiest to connect with the divine, to St Aidan arriving at ‘Holy Island’, Lindisfarne, in 635 AD to bring Christianity to the people of the Kingdom of Northumbria, followed by St Cuthbert, whose shrine is in Durham Cathedral.

Today’s Church can learn much from the evangelistic endeavours of those early British Saints who grounded themselves in the culture in which they found themselves.

This tour will include a ‘pilgrimage’ following the path of early Christianity in Ireland, Scotland, and England, which will help us understand the context in which the Christianisation of those countries occurred but also the lessons we can learn from their experience, which are so relevant to our mission of evangelisation.

We will be inspired by the manuscripts of the Book of Kells and the Lindisfarne Gospels; the Standing Crosses of Ireland, Scotland and England; the simplicity of the monastic life of the early Celtic Saints; the beginnings of Stained Glass; and the awe-inspiring mass of Durham Cathedral.

Alongside the pilgrimage in the early Christian story of Ireland, Scotland, and England, we will experience some significant cultural sights of more recent times. We will have the chance to share in times of contemplation, and worship with the local people on Sundays.

We hope to come away inspired and refreshed in our faith, with experiences we will want to share when we get back home with others. Our eyes, minds, and spirit will be renewed; who knows, we may come away transformed as followers of Christ.

About this tour
  • Travel with both Christians and a Christian tour leader.
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  • Accommodation is included with this tour.
  • Meals are included but please check with the tour organizers.
  • Sightseeing and taking in all major attractions is included.
  • Where applicable, entry admissions to attractions included.
  • Luggage assistance is included.

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