Touring the world with other people is one of life’s great experiences. Seeing the sights of our amazing planet, in the company of others, is life-changing.

Doing it with other like-minded Christians … that is the icing on the cake. At FaithTravel, our vision is to help you travel the world, in the company of like-minded people.

Many people who return from a tour do so with life-long friendships formed. The combination of being away with people for a longer duration, coupled with the fact that there is the spiritual connection, means many people rave about the new friendships they have with people all over the world.

There are a number of Christian travel and tour companies who see it as their ministry to provide Christian tours, and our goal at FaithTravel is to list them on one succinct portal, making it easy for you to select a travel destination – and tour – that meets your needs.

We have a range of tours available right through the year, and the best news is that no matter where you live, tours can be joined from any country. You can organize your own connecting flights to ensure that you can join any tour that we have on offer.

FaithTravel partners with respected, reputable Christian travel providers to help you travel the world in style. Learn more here about the types of tour companies we partner with.

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