Enjoy faith-based experiences, while making life new friendships - traveling the world with other Christians. Whether you’re looking for a Holy Land experience, or just a holiday with like-minded people, you can browse our website and find tours that will enrich your life.

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Tour leaders

Each tour is headed by hand-selected leaders who give you additional insight behind each destination.


Behind-the-scenes access to local experiences, plus free time so you can experience your own personal touch


Flights are generally included with tours. Many tours also let you fly from different countries to meet the tour operator.


Private, deluxe touring. Coaches include air conditioning and spare leg room. You can also join any tour from any part of the world.


Tours include 3.5 to 5 star accommodation to ensure you travel in comfort, plus proximity to tour highlights.

Daily devotionals

We not only make time for your own personal devotions, but also organize group daily devotions throughout each journey.

Christian Homeswap

ChristianHomeSwap.com provides an alternative form of travel where friendly local and international travelers swap homes to enjoy free accommodation virtually anywhere. By cutting out the cost of holiday accommodation, it provides an effective way for people to save thousands of dollars on hotel accommodation.